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His eyes were locked on the video playing in front of him showing him what his wife had been up to since she started hosting her new “book club”. She was busy hosting something alright. He sat on the sofa stroking his cock while listening to the sounds of her moaning and panting while this big, muscular dude was pushing his big thick cock into her mouth. She was licking and slurping on it expertly and then suddenly she stopped, looked up at the camera and smiled.

“Hi, honey. I hope you like what you’re seeing because this is how it’s going to be from now on. THIS is the kind of cock and the kind of MAN I’ve been missing since I settled down with you. I’m so tired of faking orgasms with you and finally decided that I’m not going to,” she said, as she continued to stroke and lick the massive cock in her hand.

“Look under the bed and take the first step into your new life as my humiliated cuckold,” she said and then blew a kiss at him through the video. He hit pause and scrambled to his feet to see what she was talking about. Underneath the bed that they shared he found a gift bag with pastel pink tissue paper closing off the view of what was inside. He pulled the paper back and found pink satin panties and shimmery pink lipstick along with a note that said “No more men’s underwear for you. Your cock is barely bigger than a clit so I want it covered with panties from now on. I saw the lipstick in the store when I was buying the panties and it seemed like something a sissy cuckold should wear. So take off your clothes, put on the panties and the lipstick and finish watching the video. I’ll have another surprise for you when I get home.”

His cock was twitching with excitement as he read the note. He was surprised at what a turn on it was to watch his wife cheating on him but even more surprised by how aroused he was at her ordering him around in such a humiliating way and calling him a sissy cuckold. He stripped, put on the panties, ran the lipstick over his lips and turned the video back on. He took his cock back into his hand as he watched her lay back and spread her long legs inviting the stranger to enter her. He stroked hard and fast as he watched the man thrust that massive cock into her, making her cum over and over. Finally as the man pulled out and shot a huge load onto her tits, he couldn’t hold back any longer and came hard.

He laid back, exhausted, wondering what his wife’s next surprise would be. He must have fallen asleep because suddenly he heard his wife’s voice calling his name and opened his eyes to see her standing over him, laughing. Then he realized two things at the same time. The first thing was that he was lying there in the cum stained panties with the pink lipstick still on his lips. The second was that she wasn’t alone. The man from the video was standing next to her, with a condescending smirk on his face.

“See?” she said to her lover. “He not only put on the panties and lipstick like I told him, he got so excited that he came! He won’t give us any trouble. He was born to be a sissy cuckold!”