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She was the hottest girl he’d ever dated so he hadn’t resisted too much when she started making him wear panties long ago. He knew his small cock didn’t satisfy her so he pretended he didn’t know that even after they got engaged, she cheated on him with other men. He flushed with humiliation every time she laughingly called him her sissy cuckold.

She’d made it very clear when she agreed to marry him that that his married life would be all about her needs. But he never knew that he would really see the woman he had just exchanged vows with enjoying her wedding night with another man. No, not another man, but a MAN. She tossed her head back and purred as her lover filled her in a way that he never could.

“Come and get a closer look” she said, so he walked towards the side of the bed.

His little cock twitched inside of his silky white ruffled sissy panties. They were both wearing something from her bachelorette party that evening, but he didn’t know until after the wedding that her best friend had purchased them with him in mind. How was he to know that her girlfriends knew about their relationship and were involved in making sure he was a humiliated sissy husband? It had been her plan all along to make him into her sissy cuckold, he just never knew realized how far she would take it.

His wife was taking a massive cock right in front of him and letting him know that this wasn’t just his wedding night. This would be every night of his future. He started to rub his little cock through the panties while he watched every single thrust of this man’s cock push her closer and closer to orgasm. He felt the slimness of his own penis and thought to himself, there is no way that I could ever make her moan like that.

Her moans changed into laughter as she looked up and saw him jerking his little penis.

“Oh, honey.” she said between giggles “You did such a perfect job picking your best man.”

It should have infuriated him, but all it did was make his heart skip a beat, and his balls ache. She took her left hand and poked at his little balls. He gasped as she started tugging them in the same rhythm that her lover was pumping into her. It was so exciting watching her being pounded by a cock twice the size of his. He just hoped that he could hold back until she came all over that juicy thick cock. Oh god, he thought as he felt his climax coming. Maybe I was always meant to be a sissy cuckold.