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I sat holding a lacy push up bra in one hand, and a key in the other. He had decided that denial was the best way to handle his predicament. “Look, I know that your wife’s breasts would not fit into this bra, there is no way. This is like an A cup, maybe.“ He only blushed and hung his head like the humiliated sissy I was sure he was. So I said “drop your pants, and we will see if this key does go to the chastity device that I’m guessing you have on.” Silently he unfastened his pants and revealed that he was wearing panties and a locked chastity cage. Of course the key fit perfectly into the small heart shaped pad lock holding his chastity device in place.

I immediately locked back into the closed position, and looked at him. I knew that I was right. He was a sissy in chastity and probably a sissy cuckold too. Or maybe he wasn’t yet. Maybe his wife wasn’t even involved in his sissy games. I decided to try and find out. read more