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The two women stood behind him in the full length mirror while he looked over their work, turning him into a totally feminized sissy cuckold. His skin was fresh and smooth, and he couldn’t believe how feminine his face looked. His eyelashes seemed to go on and on, and each one perfectly coated in dark mascara. His lips were plump and rosy and he held them in a pout just as they had directed him to.

“Your new face would have been finished a long time ago if your eyes hadn’t watered, and you hadn’t been so fussy”, one of them told him.

She was right, it took some time to get this look, but he knew that now that they had gotten him there that they wouldn’t let it go to waste. The same women who spoke to him walked off to set up the camera and he got nervous all over again. His girlfriend had decided on the corset that she wanted him in, and started dressing him in his blush colored satin corset. Once she had him laced in she added the matching evening gloves over his freshly waxed arms.

“Don’t you worry, you’ll be getting laser removal of most all of your hair, and in time you won’t need waxing or shaving at all.” she told him.

She guided him to step into the leg holes of his g string panties. He noticed when she slid them up over his thighs and over his sissy clitty that it looked swollen inside of the tiny crotch. His girlfriend was getting excited, and enthusiastically got him into his thigh high white stockings and then into his pink spike heels.

“Not bad for your first day as a feminized sissy cuckold.” she said as she smiled at him. “Now we have to document this wonderful event.”

Emotions started to overcome him and he felt as if tears would come soon. She recognized that look on his face.

“So help me, you wimpy little sissy slut!” she said holding his face in her hands. “If you ruin your makeup, and we have to start over I will call my bull and have him come over here and give you the most humiliating spanking you can imagine, do you understand me?”

He cringed at the thought of the man who was cuckolding him seeing him and handling him while he was dressed as a feminized sissy. But more important, the need to please her was stronger than his weakness. So he fought the tears back, and focused on what was important. That was giving her whatever she wanted.